Detroit Residential Parcel Survey

The Data Collaborative, a joint partnership effort by the Detroit Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Response (FPR), Community Legal Resources (CLR) and Data Driven Detroit (D3), surveyed every residential property with one to four housing units in Detroit. This includes single-family houses, duplexes, and multi-family structures up to four units, but not large apartment buildings or commercial structures.

This is a landmark survey of Detroit's residential property which shows 86% of the city's single-family homes appear to be in good condition, and another 9% generally only need minor repairs. In all that means more than 218,000, or 95% of the city's single-family homes appear to be suitable for occupancy.

The survey also found that 26% of the city's residential parcels - or 91,000 lots - are now vacant. Data from the survey should help planners by showing exactly where the vacant lots are. (The survey did not identify vacant property that is primarily industrial or commercial.)

Government officials, community organizations and individuals will have unprecedented access to the data collected in the survey, which is being analyzed by blocks, neighborhoods and larger districts within the city. Individuals visiting the web site  will be able to view a block or neighborhood profile just by typing in a residential property address. Under the Reports area of the website are overviews of the entire City of Detroit.

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The Press Release is available below. Also, see the following news articles:

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Our work is inspired by:
Driving Detroit: 1 City, 2,100 Streets, 2,700 Miles. What we saw, By BILL McGRAW and a Team of Freep Staff, Detroit Free Press

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